Anil Chadha

Divisional Chief Executive
ITC Hotels
Well acknowledged for his strategic insights and business foresight, Anil Chadha helms ITC Hotels, the world’s largest chain with the maximum number of LEED platinum certified properties (USGBC).

Spanning a wide array of brands ITC Hotels, Mementos, Welcomhotels and Storii, Anil’s exemplary leadership is catalyzed by his consistent attention to talent development and talent recognition. Dynamic and result-oriented, Anil’s strong track record is reflected in the superior service excellence at ITC Hotels. With the addition of another luxury brand “Mementos” and “Storii” in the premium segment, Anil endeavors to further enlarge the group’s footprint.

Prior to this, Anil Chadha was responsible for the growth and expansion across both the WelcomHotel and Luxury Collection brands: Welcomhotel Amritsar, Welcomhotel Chail, Welcomhotel Shimla, WelcomHotel Coimbatore and WelcomHotel Kences Palm Beach, Mahabalipuram, WelcomHotel Katra, WelcomHotel Jim Corbet, Storii Goa, Storii Dharmshala opened under his aegis, as did the Luxury Collection hotel ITC Kohenur in Hyderabad & ITC Narmada in Ahmedabad. Anil’s astute sense at predicting trends has propelled ITC Hotels cuisine much ahead of competition.

His passion for Food and Beverage fructified in creating new brands for the chain and an award-winning array of restaurants in the South, with Avartana being the crowning glory– the Southern Indian restaurant featuring reimagined, inventive cuisine is testimony to Anil’s keen focus on changing customer preferences and the evolving international palate. This acumen holds   him in good stead to lead the evolution of more such new food and beverage brands for the chain.

A career spanning over two decades at ITC Hotels, Anil Chadha is a homegrown product of ITC’s Hotel Management Institute. He epitomizes the company’s commitment to human resources that nurture young talent for senior management positions.

The journey from New Delhi, Agra, Kolkata, Bengaluru to Chennai, has facilitated Anil’s deeper understanding of business dynamics in micro-markets within India. “Our experience should sharpen our instincts to predict industry trends and create superior offerings for guests while continuing to keep our focus on planet positive experiences”

Anil Chadha’s achievements are manifest in the numerous recognitions within the industry including – Hotelier of the Year by BBC Food Awards-2018, General Manager of the Year by Business World Hotelier, Best CEO 2022 by WE Global Employees Choice Award among many others.