Debasree roy sarkar

Debasree Roy Sarkar

Managing Director
Peerless Hotels
Debasree Roy Sarkar is the Managing Director at Peerless Hotels overseeing the business functionalities of a group of top-notch business hotels and resorts. She has 14 years of experience in brand, communication, and marketing with demonstrated acumen in rebranding. She has proven ability in maximizing the corporate footprint of the organization, media planning, and budgeting, with a clear understanding of the digital domain with real-time experience in overseeing a team of professionals.
Debasree planned, led, and executed clutter-breaking marketing campaigns while mentoring and aligning a team of senior marketing professionals with a clear understanding of returns on investment. She led the expansion and successful business transformation of Aaheli, the city’s oldest authentic Bengali restaurant. She increased the number of keys for Peerless Hotels and Resorts, adding new properties with the first being Peerless Hotel Hyderabad.

She is educated at the prestigious Les Roches – International School of Hotel Management, Cornell University – Nana Yang Technological University, Singapore, and the University of Calcutta. She is a member of the Bengal Business Council and engaged in other philanthropic activities.