Nikesh Lamba

Pricol Gourmet
Hailing from a family of army doctors for the last few generations, no one in Nikesh’s family had ever attempted to enter the business arena. It was Nikesh Lamba’s passion towards the hospitality industry that made him quit his high paying job (at the age of 28) at the world’s largest retailer, Walmart. Thereafter, starting his entrepreneurial stint in 2013 with Double Roti, a 14-seater café in Galleria Market, Gurugram, there has been no looking back for him, ever since.
Nikesh’s foundation in the field of hospitality was set through his long and successful journey at one of the finest hospitality chains in India, ITC Hotels. As an alumnus of one of the top ranked business schools in India, Indian School of Business, Nikesh had also grasped a thorough understanding of the business world. However, it was only after tasting success with his first venture, Double Roti, that Nikesh got the encouragement he required to strive higher and also understand the tricks of the trade. Market research and experience taught him that banking on his own limited capital, scaling his business in a city like Delhi would be difficult, which therefore, made him and his partner venture and set eyes on the underserved city of Chennai. This gave way to the opening of Chennai’s first Double Roti in 2015 after which the brand was able to further expand to multiple locations.

As the co-founder of Pricol Gourmet, Nikesh has setup over 15 popular restaurants across 4 major cities in the country with many of them being recipients of various regional and national accolades. A true representation of this statement would be the flagship brand, Savya Rasa, which has been chosen as a leading restaurant amongst the top 50 in the country by Conde Nast Traveler. Nikesh himself has been the recipient of multiple restaurateurs of the year awards in his 10-year entrepreneurial journey.

With a penchant for taking Indian cuisines to the world, Nikesh prides himself for being recognized as the curator of novel food concepts, serving interesting regional and global cuisines.

An admirer of regional Indian cuisine, Nikesh aims to take the beautiful flavors from the South and share it with the rest of the world and get the rich and diverse flavors of peninsular India the recognition they deserve. Other than being a passionate restauranteur with popular dining destinations to his credit, Nikesh, a trained sommelier, loves to give back to the society. He is actively involved in charitable work and supports building of classrooms and the running of a primary health care center through his work in Round Table India.