Pawan Shahri

Be it live entertainment, food & beverages, or boutique hospitality, Pawan Shahri, the CEO & Founder of Chrome Asia, has been in the business of making people have a good time for more than 10 years now.

As someone who was always been fond of tapping the untapped and unlocking newer avenues, Pawan spearheaded Mumbai’s premiere nightlife marketing agency – Chrome Nightlife, from 2011 to 2015, catering to specialized experiences for the city’s creme de la creme while ensuring the venues gained direct revenue benefit, something that was unheard of at the time.
Pawan’s indelible hunger to create world-class F&B experiences led him to co-founding Chrome Asia Hospitality in 2019. Today the group has successfully redefined Mumbai’s dining landscape and has delivered the most well curated experiential F&B establishments including EVE, Donna Deli, & Shy, to name a few. Recently, Pawan and team ventured into the boutique hospitality space with their first hotel in Goa – KAIA Goa, a joint venture between Chrome Asia Hospitality and ace celebrity Bhumi Pednekar.

One of India’s most promising restaurateurs, Pawan has always put a razor-sharp focus on thick bottom lines, self-sustaining stores, establishing long-term relations with key suppliers and vendors, and above all else, ensuring that his patrons are having the best time at his venues.

As a frontrunner in the F&B space, Pawan aims to keep innovation at the core – In the thick of the pandemic, his innovative streak continued when he co-founded BroEat! in April 2020 which was India’s first WhatsApp based menu exploration & online ordering platform to help restaurants across the country reach their target audience and engage with them directly. Along with such initiatives, Pawan is committed to mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs while elevating F&B in India.

Pawan’s big picture thinking yet down-to-the-ground approach makes him one of the most exciting hospitality entrepreneurs in the country!