Vijay Thacker

Managing Director
Horwath HTL – India
Vijay Thacker has professional experience of over 42 years, including 36 years in the Hotels, Tourism and Leisure sector. A Chartered Accountant, Vijay has been an auditor and consultant for listed and privately owned business in India and overseas, for banks, financial institutions, private equity firms and government bodies.
He has worked across multiple sectors and service areas engaging with clients from 37 countries. For the HTL sector he provides development advice, strategy advice, valuations, risk consulting, internal audits and litigations support across multiple product types and positioning. In December 2018, Mr. Thacker was recognised with the Hotelier India Hall of Fame Award. Vijay leads Crowe India group with 36 partners / directors and over 1,800 employees. He is a Board member of Crowe Global, select companies in India and a regular speaker and writer on professional subjects. Crowe Advisory Services and Horwath HTL – India are members of Crowe Global, a world-wide network of independent accounting and consulting firms with offices in 146 countries. Horwath HTL is a leading global hospitality group, across 40 countries.